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Guest Post - Heroes Welcome

Warner Bros. and DC Comics are calling all superheroes to help end one of the worst famines in over 60 years in the Horn of  Africa. Network for Good is proud to be the giving partner for the ‘We Can Be Heroes’ campaign, which launched last Monday, January 23rd and supports the relief work of Mercy Corps, Save the Children and the International Rescue Committee.


How to Help: 5 Steps to Effective Corporate Disaster Campaigns

In the wake of humanitarian disasters, such as the earthquake in Haiti in January 2010 and the earthquake and resulting tsunami in Japan in March 2011, Americans unfailingly respond with a rapid outpouring of donations to nonprofit organizations that mobilize to provide emergency aid and rebuilding assistance.  This eGuide provides insights gleaned from ten years of powering those disaster donations and proactive recommendations to help companies expand their Corporate Social...

Social Emerges as Online Giving Driver for 2011

 As social networking is exploding, peer-to-peer giving is emerging as a compelling driver of social impact online.  In fact, Network for Good finds that Social Giving was the only giving channel to see strong growth in both Q1 and Q2 of 2011, compared to the same periods in 2010.  Cause marketing programs that leverage social networks for social good or include a social web component are growing in popularity and demonstrate the potential of fun, interactive and storytelling elements as enhancements to consumer engagement. 

Social Giving is driven by giving events (...

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