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Defragging Cause Marketing

Ever feel like cause marketing is starting to feel a little cluttered?  Everywhere you turn, there’s another cash register ask, cause-branded product, digital cause campaigns beckoning you to “Like” them, location based donations to unlock…each benefitting a different, and potentially unfamiliar cause.

Remember when you could “defrag” on your computer (oh…sorry, PC users, do you still do that?) to increase the efficiency and functionality of your hard drive?  Well it’s time we defrag cause marketing.

Easier said than done, right?...

Give Back: The People’s Foundation

What would you do if you suddenly found yourself with $1 million and a directive to give half away and keep the other half?

When Stephen Paletta won Oprah’s Big Give in 2008, this instantly became his...

What 'Show Us Your Bra' Really Reveals

In the land of business start-ups, a common success story looks like this:  entrepreneur comes up with amazing new idea.  Entrepreneur cobbles a start-up business around said idea.  Idea spreads like wildfire.  Entrepreneur sells business to huge, well-established company.

What might this model look like from the non-profit perspective?

A small non-profit organization called The Breast Form Fund may be able to give us some insight.

The Situation
When you own a lingerie store, you see all types of women, including women living with breast cancer...

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