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When It Comes To Information Always Take Shortcuts But Never Cut Corners

By Stephen Heiser

Never confuse short-cuts (which maximize efficiency) with cutting corners (which is laziness that jeopardizes information integrity and increases risk).

When working with information systems, and just about everything else, there is a natural human desire to get more done with less effort. Some call this working smarter not harder. Others call it maximizing efficiency. I call it going to work every day in the real world.

Sure, some people are perfectionists who focus on every detail with...

What Could Shale Mean for UK Economy and Employment?

By JAMIE FERGUSON, Vice President US and Latin America, Maxwell Drummond

Last week, December 13th, the UK Government announced that it will permit shale gas exploration, including horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, effectively making shale gas development economically viable. 

Ed Davey, the UK’s energy and climate change


Keep Your Friends Close

Information Management Systems Can Grant Your Stakeholders Access to Critical Information While Also Restricting Access to Proprietary Business Information

The nuclear industry today has redefined security for modern collaboration. In the old days the practice of restricting access was fairly straightforward. You kept your secrets secure from the bad guys and made sure that the good guys had access to absolutely everything that might help them succeed.

Things were as simple as an old black & white John Wayne...

What’s old is new again- Revisiting energy storage

By Dorothy Davis

The electrical grid is a complex network connecting thousands of power sources with millions of consumers all across the U.S. While producing enough power to supply the...

The New Leadership Needed in Energy

I was recently invited to participate in an energy focused panel for the University of Tulsa’s newly launched Master of Energy Business program. Being in the middle of wrapping up the Summer issue of PennEnergy's EnergyWorkforce magazine, I was inspired by its theme of the Big Crew Change. What had been planned as a presentation on the increasing trend toward integration in the industry became instead a call to my peers to take up the mantle of leadership....

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