Dissecting Marlboro College's MBA in Managing for Sustainability

Dissecting Marlboro College's MBA in Managing for Sustainability

Here In Good Company we have been busy keeping up with all the business schools who have recently been adding sustainability and CSR course content to their curricula. Whether that's MIT's Sloan School of Business, the recent announcement by University of California, Berkeley's Haas School of Business on the revamp of their MBA curriculum or Marlboro College Graduate School.

The rationale for this continuing trend is linear, at least for now. The schools are responding to demand from students as well as recent graduating classes for addressing a systems thinking approach in their classes and making sustainability at the center of their leadership modules, despite an acknowledged apathy from recruiters when it's time to look for a job that encompasses the principles of sustainability.

At the recently concluded CERES conference in Boston last week, 3BL Media interviewed Ralph Meima who is the program director of Marlboro College's MBA in Managing for Sustainability. Besides addressing some of the core reasons behind the program's initiation, Meima addressed several questions I have raised in the past on this blog: Sustainability as core content and not as electives, as a part of the program's DNA and not optional, etc. Tune in to the complete interview below. If you are considering an MBA and want to emphasize on sustainability business practices, or graduating soon to enter a volatile job market, the interview should help us all with some direction.


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