Free Green Energy Tools – Data Collection Centers and Buildings

Free Green Energy Tools – Data Collection Centers and Buildings

Green energy is a focus of companies wanting to save money and reap the many benefits of a federal Energy Star rating. In fact, what the U.S. and other advanced countries like Japan are doing is sharing information and tools that anyone can use. Perhaps you’ve read about the benefits of energy efficient data centers, but there is always more to learn.  Virtualization offers one strategy for decreasing the number of computer servers needed to maintain your company’s data functions.

On October 2, 2009, the Green Grid met at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Among the participants were leaders from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the NYSE, and industry leaders from over 30 countries. This summit indicated new tools available for businesses on several websites. Among the offerings, for example, on the Green Grid website, you can find high and low resolution maps for fresh air cooling, water side cooling, and free cooling tools. The big idea is to reduce energy consumption through collecting your data, using an online tool, and calculating how you can conserve. At the summit, the EPA used an in-depth model of one of its own data centers to show how much energy was saved. 

Also, the Green Grid, DOE, and EPA are working to make common energy metrics (or standards) between their various tools, including Green Grid tools, DOE’s DC Pro, and EPA’s Energy Star portfolio manager tool. Green Grid also presented another free online tool for organizations to calculate their score on Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE). The PUE tool and other Green Grid tools are available here:

To find out how to use the free online tools of DOE and EPA, see below.

DOE’s DC Pro: This DOE website has a DC Profiling Tool and an Air Management Tool as well as fact sheets, a user’s manual, and a data collection guide.

Greenergy2030: Greenergy2030 has integrated tools into its’ green business certification that help facilities rate their building’s energy performance, estimate their carbon footprint, set investment priorities, track improvements, and get recognized by Energy Star.

If you aren’t convinced that you should conserve in your data collection center and make other buildings energy efficient, you are putting your company at a disadvantage compared to other green competitors. The U.S. is collaborating with other countries through the Green Grid. You can visit their website and check back from time to time for more free tools. Going green with green energy means finding information to make your business greener and making long-term plans to continue saving resources for the benefit of the Earth!

About the Author:

JD Carr, CGB - is a serial entrepreneur and consultant with over 14 years experience building Internet and digital media businesses. JD is a Certified Green Broker® and specializes in commercial building sustainability and finance with A vocal advocate for environmental issues, JD writes and lectures frequently on the subject and is committed to helping entrepreneurs realize the positive goals their organizations can achieve through sustainable business practices.