Give A Day, Get A Disney Day.

Give A Day, Get A Disney Day.

Providing opportunities and encouraging employees to volunteer,  integrating sustainable and ethical practices into your products supply chain, and running cause promotions and cause marketing campaigns are all great ways of “Cause Integrating” your company. But why put all the effort into doing good when your customers can do it for you?

Enter into the the equation Disney’s brilliant new CSR initiative called Give A Day, Get A Disney Day. Simply put, if you can go out and get your hands dirty volunteering with a local nonprofit organization, Disney wants to reward you with a FREE ticket to Disney World or Disneyland Resort. Awesome? We think so. According to Disney,

We want to inspire one million people to volunteer a day of service to a participating organization in their communities. So we’re celebrating these volunteers’ good works by giving each of them a 1-day, 1-theme park ticket to the Disneyland® Resort or Walt Disney World® Resort, free. There’s no better time to make a dream come true for others and let us make a few come true for you.

Why is this so interesting? Here’s how everybody wins:

Nonprofits: Corporations can throw as much money as they want at nonprofits, and obviously it helps. Yet what benefits nonprofits more is getting people in the local community connected, involved, and ultimately invested in their work. People may start by volunteering a couple hours of service to get a free ticket to Disneyland, but that’s just the beginning. Even donating just a few hours of time to an organization drastically increases a persons chance of volunteering again soon- most likely with the same organization. The nonprofit then gets one more email to send volunteer opportunities and updates to, and one more person in the community who is bound to tell their friends and family about how they volunteered with this great organization to score a free ticket to Disneyland.

Disney: Instead of just donating a percentage of ticket sales for a day/week/month to a single nonprofit, or running a typical cause marketing campaign, Disney is helping connect communities around the country to their local nonprofits, which some could argue is much more valuable (and sustainable) in the long term. Through a third party provider, people can type in their zip code and locate all of the organizations in their area that they can volunteer with, giving a multitude of options for people of different skill-sets, ages, and abilities. Additionally, if you and your family are from Minnesota and have free tickets to Disneyland, more than likely if you make the trek you are going to stay beyond just one day. Sure there’s some airfare and lodging involved, but just one day of free tickets for a family of four or five can make a significant financial difference. Plus, people will buy food, gifts, trinkets, etc., so Disney is certainly going to be making some revenue from these volunteers.

Volunteers: They get a free ticket to a Disney Resort for a couple of hours helping their community, which should make them feel good anyways. Isn’t that enough?

By rewarding customers for volunteering, Disney is running an extremely smart Cause Marketing campaign, if you can call it that. Its creating even greater positive brand recognition (like the Disney brand doesn’t automatically make you think of butterflies and unicorns already?), providing nonprofits opportunities for sustainable community engagement, and using one of its core offerings to encourage people to donate their time.

This should make other companies stop and think. How can we reward our consumers for helping the community, instead of trying to do it all ourselves?


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