Great Campaign from Starbucks and Free coffee!

Great Campaign from Starbucks and Free coffee!
Cliff Burrows, President of Starbucks Coffee U.S., spoke about their efforts to limit the environmental impact of coffee consumption at Fortune Magazine's Brainstorm Green conference. According to Burrows, they have made big strides in how coffee is grown and now one of their largest impacts is the coffee cups. Out of the millions of coffees they sell every day, only one percent are served in reusable mugs.
Starbucks wants to increase that number, but according to Burrows, the incentive of saving a dime is not enough. So, for today only, they are giving free coffee to anyone who brings their own reusable coffee to a Starbucks. I got mine this morning on the way to the office.
Here's the video that Burrows showed at the conference and is prominently posted on their web site today.

I first heard about the event through a Facebook ad that led me to their event page, where I am one of almost 250,000 attendees as of this blog post. I also came across a paid tweet that said " and linked to a page on their web site called The Big Picture. Far from being an intrusive Twitter ad, it had already been retweeted more than 100 times.

This is a great campaign where Starbucks is very openly owning up to their biggest environmental weakness and inviting their customers to address it with them. So, what are you waiting for? Go get your free coffee without hurting the planet!
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