Half-empty or Half-full?

Half-empty or Half-full?

Last week, EMC was ranked as #74 out of 500 in the Newsweek Green Rankings.  I received quite a few congratulatory emails, as well as one or two from folks puzzled as to whether this result warranted celebration

To be honest, I'm not entirely sure what to make of it. I'm glad we're in the top 100, of course - plenty of people in EMC have been working hard and making progress, and the recognition is well-deserved. But we're not satisfied with what we've accomplished so far - nor should any of us on the list be.

Oh, I get that rankings create competition, and competition raises the bar. And I'm not so disingenuous as to claim that market perception doesn't influence our environmental programs. We also appreciate the press (see EMC Commended for Leadership in Climate Change Disclosure for Third Consecutive Year, for example).

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Kathrin ("Kate") Winkler is Sr. Director and Chief Sustainability Officer at EMC Corporation, and writes exclusively for her blog, Interconnected World.