Short Term Profits Equal No Long Term Goals.

Short Term Profits Equal No Long Term Goals.

Businesses have an equal responsibility to the environment.  In the quest to “take while you can and no thought of the future,” businesses have seen profits and then folded when the heat was on due to illegal acts. (Take your pick or examine the coal mining business.) With multiple sites on the net that promote awareness to the environment and how beautiful it is, plus the benefits of reduce, reuse, recycle – why, oh why are profits still so important?  Are businesses banks?  Nope. They just want a piece of the pie and willing to justify a means to an end.

The other day a question was presented, something to the effect of “why the wardrobe was not updated?”  In order to “update,” there is a need to go to the businesses and promote the abuse on nature and people.  The stories of sweat shops and environmental disasters, have not been forgotten.  Should the improvements of conditions, and abolishment, of forced labor disappear – sure there would be a desire to “update” the wardrobe.

What does this all mean?

Businesses rely on people being forgetful and are happy to have no attention given when a scandal breaks out.  Has there been any other news about the peanuts issue at the Georgia plant?  Has there been any other news about the soda factors in China causing environmental issues?


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Rachel “Breet” Richmond is an accomplished freelance writer residing in Richmond, Va. She is the author of “The Breet Report” and co-author of “The Green Apartment Blog“. Rachel is passionate about the environment and that passion shows through in her writing.