Frontline Health Dialogues

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Frontline Health Dialogues

The Frontline Health Dialogues connect practitioners, researchers, non-profit leaders and policy makers to explore a key question: What will it take to make Canada the best country in the world at meeting the healthcare needs of underserved and unserved populations?

The dialogues are part of a unique series designed to encourage the sharing of ideas and solutions among those working on the frontlines of health. They are the only formalized meeting opportunity of their kind in Canada.

With every discussion that takes place at the dialogues, participants uncover common challenges and share solutions. They recognize their mutual passion for providing care to people beyond the reach of the mainstream healthcare system. And they realize they are not alone as the sense of an emerging movement becomes more and more palpable with each exchange of ideas.

The Frontline Health Dialogues have started to build a community of practice around frontline healthcare and are playing an important role in helping to improve the capacity to serve the healthcare needs of Canada’s vulnerable populations.

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Who Works on the Frontlines of Health in Canada?
Pioneers in their own right, healthcare practitioners working on the frontlines are constantly challenged to find new and creative ways to care for the people in their communities. They are remarkable individuals: driven, dedicated and resourceful. They are often under-supported and isolated from their peers. And they certainly are not recognized for their efforts. They frequently find...
Sep 30, 2010 9:33 AM ET
Educating the next generation of frontline health practitioners in Canada
Many Canadians are beyond the reaches of the mainstream healthcare system. They live in remote locations, small towns and in our busiest cities. They are street youth, isolated seniors, the poor and homeless, immigrants or people battling addictions, anyone who is geographically, culturally or...
Sep 28, 2010 2:43 PM ET
Caring For Vulnerable Populations in Canada
At each of the dialogues, participants shared stories of the challenges they face in caring for vulnerable populations. But at the same time, their stories illustrate the incredible courage, determination and resourcefulness of the frontline health workers who dedicate themselves to finding innovative solutions to the challenges at hand. Here is just a sample of the inspiring...
Sep 27, 2010 9:33 AM ET
Frontline Health Dialogues: Atlantic Canada Dialogue
The third instalment of the Frontline Health Dialogue series was the Atlantic Canada Dialogue held in Halifax, Nova Scotia over two days in November 2008. As in previous dialogues, the question discussed by the twenty-five practitioners and thought-leaders in attendance was: What will it take to make Canada the best in the world at meeting the healthcare needs of marginalized populations...
Sep 23, 2010 1:14 PM ET
Frontline Health Dialogues: Vancouver, British Columbia
Over two days in June 2008, a group of 20 doctors, nurses, social workers, academics, policy makers and non-profit leaders from British Columbia came together to probe the question: What will it take to make Canada the best in the world at meeting the healthcare needs of marginalized populations? Held in Vancouver, the Vancouver Dialogue was the first in a series of regional...
Sep 21, 2010 9:53 AM ET