Tropical Storm Irene Relief Efforts

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Tropical Storm Irene Relief Efforts

Cabot farmer owners appreciate the outpouring of support and concern following Hurricane Irene. Although teams continue to assess the flood damages to our Cabot farms left in Irene’s wake, we know that many of our farmer owners in the New York/ New England area are fine.  However some farms did sustain damage to structures, crops and livestock.

New York and Vermont officials, along with their respective Departments of Agriculture, continue to evaluate the needs of dairy farmers and rural areas hardest hit by the storm. We are encouraging individuals interested in supporting disaster relief efforts to visit the following links and contribute to the amazing organizations that have been working round-the-clock to restore normalcy.

New York FarmNet, Schoharie County Community Action Program, and Vermont Farm Disaster Relief Fund.

In addition to these wonderful organizations, there have been many other relief efforts in relation to this cause.  On behalf of the farmers who own Cabot, thank you for your continued support.

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