3BL Media provides a cloud-based, multi-channel news and content distribution platform for innovative companies. 

Journalists, investors, customers and other stakeholders now have more choices than ever as to where and how they get their news and information.  From email to news terminals to social media platforms and web portals, many options are available.  And different people respond differently to various message formats: blogs vs. press releases vs. videos vs. articles.

3BL Media clients know that distributing multiple message formats, through multiple channels, produces results.

The Distribution Revolution™ means that organizations can distribute their press releases, blogs, videos and other media assets through social media, new media and traditional media channels, creating the greatest opportunity for the target audience to encounter and interact with your content.

Users can even link and manage their own social media accounts and ‘in house’ media lists for selective, real-time posting and distribution to these contacts and networks as well.

As a subscription-based, unlimited distribution platform, 3BL Media users are able to distribute various message formats, from formal press releases, to in-depth reports, to short paragraphs describing an embedded video or photo.  The ability to associate and link related content into ‘campaigns’ and maintain a sustained approach to external, targeted distribution helps you to tell the ‘whole story’ using various media assets.

And, users never need to worry about extra fees that are sometimes associated with word count, embedded photos or videos or specialty ‘newslines,’ as it is all included in the comprehensive 3BL Media Distribution Revolution™

3BL Media Distribution Networks

In 2009, 3BL Media launched the largest, multi-channel distribution network for corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability news and content. The cross-platform network includes journalists, opt-in subscribers, bloggers, world-class news portals and databases, video channels and influential social media channels and tools.

Building on this proven innovation in news and content distribution, and in response to the refrain from organizations about the high cost and uncertain value they experience with many traditional press release distribution services, 3BL Media has expanded into additional, news intensive industries and sectors.

Using advanced technology, key strategic distribution partnerships, proprietary 3BL Media networks and a deep working knowledge of social media distribution channels, 3BL Media is providing innovative news and content distribution services to companies from all industries.



For more information about 3BL Media services and distribution networks or for a demonstration of capabilities, please contact us at: (866) 508-0993 / Outside US: (802) 535-3215 or