Today’s audiences

have more choice than ever before as to how, when, and where they access information. And what type of content they prefer. Newswires no longer deliver the value they once did. 3BL’s content marketing and distribution platform moves your messages to your target audience in the ways that move them: formal press releases, photos, blogs, videos, reports, or social media. Unlimited reach, frequency, and impact.
Welcome to the Distribution Revolution.TM

Multi-channel distribution enables you to share a variety of media formats across multiple distribution channels, so your content has the greatest opportunity for discovery and engagement by the most relevant audience.

SOCIAL MEDIA - Your organization's social media reach is optimized: you easily can integrate social when uploading and distributing your content through 3BL Media.

3BL MEDIA COMMUNITY - 3BL Media becomes partner to your content marketing, with our extensive network of top bloggers plus our sharing and promoting your content.

WIRES / TRADITIONAL MEDIA - Utilize traditional media channels as part of your overall content distribution. Cover the basics — journalists, news portals, syndicators — then go far beyond.

3BL MEDIA NETWORK - Subscribers gain access to our platform’s proprietary channels for reaching audiences using all type of media as part of overall content marketing.

Enhanced reach for sustainability content is only one of 3BL Media's advantages — another is audience engagement within vertical channels. Deliver your message to core audiences.
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More content, more choices. Why limit the audience you reach by limiting what type of content you distribute? Take advantage of the digital media revolution by reaching your audience with the formats they prefer. It's real-time reach for the real world.

PRESS RELEASES - Reach journalists, investors, media outlets and wire services with traditional 'releases' with no word count, multimedia, or per-send fees.

BLOGS - Easily promote and distribute your blogs to an audience that is seeking out your content. Reach more of the influencers who rely on blog sources.

SOCIAL MEDIA - Your ability to build and strengthen a community of stakeholders is enhanced when your social media outreach is integrated with your campaign.

PHOTOS / IMAGES - Distributing photography as part of sustained communications brings a real-world impact to your content that gets attention.

WEB VIDEO - More and more audiences are engaged by the one-to-one experience of accessing content via online video. 3BL Media gets you there.

3BL MEDIA - Now you can distribute all media formats on an unlimited basis, reaching your audience with the type of content they prefer.

3BL Media clients benefit from greater reach, flexibility, and value over traditional distributors. Whether you use traditional, emerging, or social media, you want impact. Here you go.




Fortune 500s and leading non-profits rely on 3BL Media for content distribution that's simple, seamless, sustainable, and most importantly – effective. Be seen in all the best places: maximize your media.

The 3BL Media platform allows you to upload, manage, distribute, and evaluate your content. Organize distribution campaigns. Build your newsroom. Reach your audience. Engage.


Because 3BL Media works on a subscription model, there is no cost barrier to leveraging all your content. In addition to traditional releases and reports, you can incorporate images, videos, and other assets with no additional fees.


Through a single portal, your newsroom, keep a permanent library of all your content. Organizing content into campaigns (which can be based on message, timeframe, audience — whatever suits you) makes it easy to manage in short and long term.


Unlimited content distribution for a complete range of formats enables your campaign to reach further. You can upload your own internal distribution lists, choose categories from our platform's distribution network, or simply hit send.


Only when you have reporting that tracks all your content's formats and channels can you really get the complete picture. Easily access — and act on — the information you need, with data on each individual asset as well as broader initiatives.

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The 3BL Media platform offers the most effective way to reach your target audience. Distributing what you create, it provides the greatest opportunity for them to encounter and interact with your content.

Subscription-based Service

Tell the whole story with 3BL Media's unlimited content distribution. You'll work one-on-one with a dedicated media consultant to ensure you get the most from your content and our targeted distribution. Tracking, analytics, and ROI reports help inform your content creation strategies; campaign and newsroom features keep it all organized.

3BL Media's content marketing and distribution platform will revolutionize how you distribute your content. Contact us today.

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