Best Cities for Mid-Career Veterans

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Best Cities for Mid-Career Veterans

The Best Cities for Mid-Career Veterans Include 3 Texas Cities

The Best Cities for Mid-Career Veterans Include 3 Texas Cities

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Mid-career vets bring distinct skills to their employers. Check out the best cities for these #veterans
Wednesday, November 12, 2014 - 11:45am

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We recently featured a blog that shared some of the best places in the country for veterans to find jobs. The original article came from USAA and Hiring Our Heroes. It has so much great information to share with veterans and their families and is definitely worth a read. For a complete list of the variables and methodology, go here.

Our first blog featured information about the best places for veterans who are just starting their careers after leaving the military. This entry focuses on locations that have jobs for  Mid-Career veterans. According to a Houston Chronicle story, the middle portions of a veteran’s career may entail moving into the direct management of others, supervising a team, and working to execute strategy as a part of an executive team. Vets usually bring with them distinct leadership skills mastered while enlisted that potential employers find valuable.

As you might guess from the Houston Chronicle story, Houston rated number ONE for mid-career veterans to find jobs. Not only is the population large, but the area includes 10 counties covering some 900 square miles. Houston also is a world center for the oil and gas industry, and offers a wide array of cultural and sports entertainment. Median home prices are around $140,000 and unemployment is just over 6%.

Second on the USAA list was also in Texas – San Antonio (which also made an appearance on the just starting out veterans list). Known as “Military City U.S.A.,” San Antonio is the second largest metro in Texas and the seventh largest in the United States. Nearby Air Force facilities create the strong military presence, and the area has a substantial business community, but also a laid-back character. Low unemployment and cost-of-living also make it a great option for mid-career veterans.

Coming in third, Santa Ana, Calif. offers a dynamic commercial and residential area. This large metro area south of Los Angeles is perhaps better known by the county it occupies: Orange County. Once primarily agricultural, the area is now a network of small cities and bedroom communities. Median home prices are considerably higher than the previous locations, but low unemployment and employers like Western Digital and Core Logic make it a solid choice.


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