Building Bridges Through Dialogue at the Aspen Ideas Festival

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Building Bridges Through Dialogue at the Aspen Ideas Festival

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Thursday, July 3, 2014 - 11:35am


Monsanto is pleased to be a sponsor of this year’s Aspen Ideas Festival, where thought leaders from around the globe and across many disciplines will take part in deep and rich discussion about a variety of challenges and opportunities facing society today.

We’re at Aspen for the same reason most people are here – to listen and engage with diverse perspectives on the ideas and issues that shape our lives and challenge our world.

We have big goals – creating enough food to feed our growing global population, making that food better, combating climate change, but we don’t have all the answers for these challenges. We want to hear from experts and collaborate with people and organizations who are working on solutions so together we can develop creative solutions.

Monsanto will feature four speakers at the panels during the festival on July 1 and July 2.On July 1, David Friedberg, CEO of Climate Corp talking about using data to plan for climate change, specifically; David will discuss how public and private sectors are using data-driven analysis to develop resilience tools. Next, Robb Fraley, our CTO will discuss the benefits of agriculture innovation and the need for continued dialogue in order to find solutions to feeding the next billion.  The day will round out with Brett Begemann, our COO and President will discuss agriculture innovation as an economic game changer, focusing on the impact of agriculture innovations and what they have brought to developing countries.

On Wednesday, July 2, Monsanto’s Honey Bee Health Lead, Jerry Hayes, will explore “A Life Without Bees.”  Jerry will address how the private and public sectors are working together to address the health of the bees.

The Aspen Ideas festival will bring much important discussions to light and we are pleased to be part of the continued dialogue around some key issues that impact us all.

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