CLP Publishes Its 15th Sustainability Report: Powering the Changing World Today for a Better Tomorrow

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CLP Publishes Its 15th Sustainability Report: Powering the Changing World Today for a Better Tomorrow

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CLP's 15th #Sustainability Report identifies where their strategies & activities align w/ #SDGs via @ReportAlert

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Thursday, March 30, 2017 - 4:00am

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CLP, one of the largest investor-operators of power assets in the Asia-Pacific region, has published its 2016 Sustainability Report showing a detailed picture of its performance on how it manages financial and other capitals to create value for its stakeholders over the long term.

The Report is prepared in accordance with the GRI Standards and GRI G4 Electric Utilities Sector Disclosures. In addition, it satisfies the “comply or explain” provisions as well as “recommended disclosures” of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange ESG Reporting Guide. As CLP continues to work towards a more integrated reporting approach, the Report is structured according to the six capitals summarised in the Capital sections of the Integrated Annual report. The Report also identifies where its strategies and activities align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

It highlights three global trends that are most relevant to the company’s business: climate change, technological breakthrough, demographic and social change. The 2016 Report also discusses the potential impacts or implications of the global trends in terms of emerging and business-specific risks and opportunities.

CLP presents how it creates value for its key stakeholders in a video. Some of the highlights in 2016 include:

  • Capital Providers – Group operating earnings increased 7.1% to HK$12,334 million; delivered total dividends of HK$2.80/share, an increase from 2015; and received improved credit ratings
  • Customers – served approximately 5.15 million customer accounts; electricity sent out totalled 133,275 million kWh; and rolled out various demand-side management initiatives
  • Employees – employed 7,428 people (24% female); paid HK$3,892 million in staff expense;  there were no fatalities and recorded 3 cases of Lost Time Injuries (LTI) for its employees
  • Suppliers and Contractors –  purchased from 5,248 suppliers a total of HK$25,972 million; fuel costs amounted to HK$12,785 million; and recorded three fatalities and 10 cases of Lost Time Injuries (LTI) for its contractors
  • Government and Regulators – paid income tax of HK$2,032 million
  • Community – donated HK$13 million of cash to charities; contributed 13,302 hours of voluntary service; and directly benefitted over 359,000 people and 373 organisations
  • Environment – invested HK$1.2 billion in renewable projects; the carbon intensity of our generation portfolio was 0.82kg CO2/kWh, increasing from 0.81kg CO2/kWh in 2015; its renewable energy capacity was 3,090MW, making up 16.6% of its  generation capacity

The 2016 Sustainability Report is supported by a summary report, In Essence Report, and interactive charts and performance statistics of our assets in the environmental scope. All of the above are available for download from:

CLP is keen to hear your feedback. It will donate HK$60 to designated charities for every feedback it receives on the Sustainability Report, Annual Report, and Annual Report snapshot online up to a maximum of HK$350,000. Click the Feedback Form to take part.

Media Contact:
Dr Jeanne Ng
Director – Group Sustainability
CLP Holdings Limited

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