“Making More Change Faster” – Michael Kobori, Levi Strauss - CSR Minute for March 25, 2013

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“Making More Change Faster” – Michael Kobori, Levi Strauss - CSR Minute for March 25, 2013

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Monday, March 25, 2013 - 12:30pm


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I absolutely agree that we need to move things forward faster and better and I think about -- one of the things that we’ve got to do is really innovate faster, right.  We’ve got to think about labor and social issues how do we get to solutions quicker?  How do we innovate better and that really means collaborating with others that we might not talk to on their normal circumstances looking beyond is to our company, looking to non-governmental organizations looking to start up a companies.  We’ve really got to be more open because the ideas are coming from everywhere.  And the ideas can get disseminated so quickly given the internet and change in telecommunications that the ideas are out there, we’ve just got to be much more aware and get them into our company into our thinking that’s quicker.  The second thing we’ve got to do is we’ve got to take those ideas and we’ve got to find new partners to implement them.  It’s not just about us and the suppliers that we work with in our supply chain, impacting the lives of workers, it’s all kinds of other people it’s the other brands and retailers that are also working in the same factory that we are, how do we get them involved, you know, how do we get local organizations that maybe, that maybe providing you know education on maternal health to workers in Cambodia.  How do we get them involved?  How do we get more people involved in collaborating, in making an impact for? 

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