3 Guideposts for Assembling a Sustainability Report

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3 Guideposts for Assembling a Sustainability Report

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Monday, February 18, 2013 - 1:00pm

It’s reporting season — the time of year when many corporate responsibility professionals are in conversation with top leadership to determine whether 2013 will be the year the company finally publishes its first sustainability report.

In most such cases, external reporting is an idea that’s been kicked around for a few years, but the first quarter always brings a flurry of discussion and a renewed sense of urgency around the topic. In addition to the time it will take to collect data, write copy, design, print and program, there is sure to be at least a week or two tied up with discussions of whether there should be a comma before the word "and" within a bulleted list, or a debate over whether it sounds ominous to use the term “The Company.”

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