Banorte-Ixe’s Employees Can Support Vulnerable Groups through "SÚMATE"

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Banorte-Ixe’s Employees Can Support Vulnerable Groups through "SÚMATE"

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Banorte-Ixe’s employees can support vulnerable groups through "SÚMATE"


Banorte-Ixe launches SÚMATE, a trust that aims to benefit children, adolescents and older adults in a situation of vulnerability. SÚMATE is funded from donations provided voluntarily by employees and enriched by additional contributions from the Banorte Foundation and the Financial Group.

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Monday, December 24, 2012 - 10:35am

CAMPAIGN: Valor Social

CONTENT: Press Release

December 24, 2012 /3BL Media/ - Since its inception, our organization has made a clear commitment to Mexico, and we continue to focus on efforts that allow us to positively impact the communities that need us most and at the same time by engaging our employees in these efforts we are promoting responsibility and social awareness across our entire Financial Group.

It is from this interest in building a more just and equitable society that the SÚMATE program arose, an initiative that provides a means through which the Banorte-Ixe community can help Mexican children, adolescents and older adults in a situation of vulnerability.  

This initiative is a clear example of the synergies arising from the merger of two institutions like Banorte and Ixe. SÚMATE is modeled after and developed from Ixe Apoya trust, which since 2005 has benefitted thousands of children and older adults. Today, by combining forces, we can strengthen and expand our efforts to benefit those most in need.

SÚMATE is the vehicle through which employees of the institution will benefit children, adolescents and older adults by making voluntary contributions that will be deducted via payroll.  For each peso (Mexican currency) that they contribute to this cause, the Financial Group will donate another automatically.

The decision of where to allocate the collected funds is taken by the SÚMATE COMMITTEE, consisting of 22 volunteer ambassadors from different areas of the Group, all from non-executive positions and who by their enthusiasm, commitment and experience were chosen to represent the voice of all who make SÚMATE.

In Banorte-Ixe we know that success is the result of many collaborations. SÚMATE is a reality thanks to the Banorte Foundation which actively participates in this initiative, contributing a percentage of the donation for the benefit of the charities, the employees who generously fund this trust and propose the causes to be funded, as well as Banorte-Ixe, which will match each peso donated, and that allows all the employees to be part of the effort in order to build a strong and equitable Mexico.




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