Beauty That Counts: 50!

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Beauty That Counts: 50!

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Congratulations on 50 years! Mary Kay Ash's grandson, CIO of @MaryKay reflects on the 50th anniversary of the company

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Friday, September 13, 2013 - 5:00pm

Well, the anticipation is finally over. We have reached our 50th anniversary!!!  And, of course, fifty years later, it is once again Friday the 13th (A day that would normally be considered an “unlucky” day in American culture.)

I can’t help but think what my grandmother’s emotions would be like today as this great company turns fifty. I know she would be so proud.  Not really of herself, nor her individual accomplishments, but of what we have all accomplished together – employees and the independent sales force.  I think it is incredible what One Woman Can inspire so many to believe.

Can you just imagine moving into that little shopping center 50 years ago?  Maybe they were carrying a couple of dozen boxes of products, some literature, pens, pencils, perhaps a calculator?  Her 20 year-old son, my Dad, doing the heavy lifting. Nine women waiting for instructions from some lady named Mary Kay. Just look at us now!  More than 5,000 employees… 3 million Independent Beauty Consultants… Over 600 Independent National Sales Directors...  and our products being sold in 37 countries around the world.


And, if that wasn’t amazing enough, we aren’t acting like a typical 50 year-old!  We are growing as fast as ever, enriching more lives every day, developing new products and exploring new markets. 

We are taking the Mary Kay brand to new heights, well on our way of being a global top-5 beauty brand.  And we are doing it faster, more efficiently, and more strategically than ever before.

But, best of all, we are doing all of this the right way – The Mary Kay Way.

Our success as a company only enhances our ability to enrich lives around the globe.  Whether that is through the families of our employees, the members of our independent sales force, our loyal Mary Kay customers, or  the communities that we impact through our social responsibility programs – we are definitely making the world a better place.  Our version of P&L always stood for People and Love, and it is as strong as ever making our impact more widespread than Mary Kay Ash could have possibly ever dreamed.

And while she isn’t here with us today to celebrate, I know the members of our family are just as dedicated and passionate about her dream company for women as she was fifty years ago. 

So let’s celebrate together this incredible milestone. Thank you for your contribution to this amazing company and dedicating yourself to the mission of enriching women’s lives. I look forward to the amazing future we have ahead of us!  Like grandmother would say, “Have a GREAT day!!!”

Today’s guest blogger is Ryan Rogers, Mary Kay Ash’s grandson. Ryan is Mary Kay Inc.’s Chief Investment Officer, and has worked for Mary Kay Inc. since 2000. Ryan shares with us his thoughts on his grandmother’s legacy and the future of Mary Kay on the company’s golden anniversary. Happy 50th Anniversary Mary Kay!

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