Campaign Redefines Running as a Social Activity

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Campaign Redefines Running as a Social Activity

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Print ads from the New Balance “Runnovation” campaign show an early morning group workout, left, and women on a night run.

Monday, July 15, 2013 - 3:30pm

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By Andrew Adam Newman
Published July 8, 2013

ONCE perceived as largely a solitary pursuit, running today is a more social endeavor, as runners train with friends for shorter races like five-kilometer charity runs. And rather than a single-minded pursuit, running increasingly is just one aspect of participation in a Tough Mudder obstacle course competition, triathlon or boot camp-style fitness class.

Now, New Balance hopes to capture this newer ethos of running with a campaign it calls “Runnovation” that promotes running as more of a social activity and part of a training regimen.

“Redefine girls’ night out,” says the headline of one print ad that shows a group of women running in Boston at night. “Thursday night. 9:15 p.m.,” the copy continues. “Some go out. Others go out and make excellent happen. The night is yours. This is Runnovation.”

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