Campbell Facility to Be Powered by Its Own Organic Waste

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Campbell Facility to Be Powered by Its Own Organic Waste

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Thursday, November 15, 2012 - 9:00am



Ohio has been making headlines as the pivotal swing state in the Presidential election, overshadowing a groundbreaking clean-tech partnership announced in the Buckeye State this week.

Campbell and CH4 Biogas have closed a deal to create Ohio's first commercial biogas power plant. Incredibly, the plant will generate renewable electricity out of waste from Campbell's soup, sauce and beverage production facility in Napoleon, Ohio. The plant will then channel energy back to the Napoleon facility.

In short, Campbell's factory will be powered, at least partially, by waste from its own soup.

The biogas technology will improve the facility's recycling rate to about 95 percent, said David Stangis, Campbell's Vice President of Public Affairs and Corporate Responsibility. "The use of biogas energy will reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with the use of electricity in this facility by approximately 16,000 metric tons per year, or the equivalent of 3,000 cars," he added.

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