Carbon Footprints: from Corporations to Keychains

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Carbon Footprints: from Corporations to Keychains

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This wk on @SeaChangeRadio - James Leaton of #Carbon Tracker Initiative (@CarbonBubble) & Resource Revival founder

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James Leaton

Thursday, October 31, 2013 - 3:45pm

CAMPAIGN: Sea Change Radio Sustainability Innovators

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This week on Sea Change Radio, we hear from the Research Director of the Carbon Tracker Initiative, James Leaton. He discusses his organization’s ongoing effort to inform the public about the quantities of fossil fuels and greenhouse gasses various companies are emitting. His team’s findings have been important talking points for Bill McKibben and‘s recent divestment campaign.

Next, host Alex Wise speaks with Graham Bergh, the founder of Resource Revival, a small company that collects tons of bicycle parts each month from bike shops all over the US. to create beautiful, low carbon-footprint, everyday products like picture frames and candle holders.

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