Cisco Announces New Greenhouse Gas Reduction Goals

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Cisco Announces New Greenhouse Gas Reduction Goals

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Thursday, February 14, 2013 - 9:00am

By Darrel Stickler

In our fiscal year 2012, which ended last July, we completed and met our latest GHG-reduction goal.  To recap our past goals:

  • September 2006: Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) commitment to reduce GHG emissions from all Cisco business air travel worldwide by 10% absolute (FY06 baseline).
    This goal was met in 2009.
  • June 2008: EPA Climate Leaders commitment to reduce all Scope 1, 2, and business-air-travel Scope 3 GHG emissions worldwide by 25% absolute by CY12 (CY07 baseline).
    Both the Scope 1 / 2, and Scope 3 parts of this goal were met in 2012 (whether  fiscal year or calendar year).

We believe formal goals should address the most material environmental issues—which for Cisco are GHG and energy. (See Table 1 of the Environment chapter of our 2012 CSR report).  Over the years, we accumulated several insights—some learned on our own and others suggested by stakeholders—that informed the creation of our new goals.  Below, I introduce our new goals and the thinking behind each one.


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