Cisco Partner Inveneo on Huffington Post: How Internet Connectivity Expands Economic and Community Development

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Cisco Partner Inveneo on Huffington Post: How Internet Connectivity Expands Economic and Community Development

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Inveneo's Andris Bjornson aims the Mfangano Island end of the wireless link. Very precise alignment is necessary to make a 90km WiFi connection work, similar to trying to hit a friend with a laser pointer from 50 miles away.

The beautiful view from the top of Mfangano's wireless tower. The Kenyan city of Kisumu sits on the far side of the bay visible to the left.

Brian Mattah (left) is trained by Edwin Maore (right) how to install a wireless connection to the hilltop tower. With this training, Brian will be able to put up more wireless links to grow OHR's small wireless network.

The Ekialo Kiona ("Whole World") Center, OHR's computer center, library and training facility. Once the broadband link was established word spread quickly across the island, and within a few hours the center was packed.

With the island's new broadband link up and running, Mfangano resident Joel Oguta happily checks his gMail in the Ekialo Kiona Center.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013 - 11:45am

Kristin Peterson, CEO of Inveneo, a key Cisco CSR partner, is a guest blogger on Cisco’s Impact X section on the Huffington Post.

In her post, Kristin talks about how Internet connectivity can impact economic and social advancement in developing communities. She describes the remote Kenyan island of Mfangano, where Internet access has dramatically increased participation in HIV/AIDS-related testing and social service programs.

Cisco has supported Inveneo’s efforts to design and deliver information and communications technology (ICT) to the most remote and underserved areas of the world with more than $US3 million in cash and product grants since 2007. For example, Cisco supported expansion of Inveneo’s Certified ICT Partner Program in Africa, and worked with Inveneo to establish Community Knowledge Centers in sub-Saharan Africa as part of Cisco’s Clinton Global Initiative commitment.

Read Kristin’s full post on the HuffongtonPost ImpactX.

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