Confessions of a Fake Football Fan

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Confessions of a Fake Football Fan

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What I don't know about #football might hurt you. What you don't know about #energy, hurts me. #StopTheHurt.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013 - 12:15pm


Posted by Marcia Walker

This past week brought me a roller coaster of emotions. 

First – elation!  I began tweeting about our upcoming energy seminar near Birmingham, Alabama, in the United States.  I was thrilled when the “#Alabama” hashtag I was using began trending almost immediately (meaning people were EXCITED!).

Next – dismay!  I investigated the sudden popularity of “my” hashtag, only to discover that, apparently,  people playfootball in Alabama.  As in, American football with big dudes wearing helmets and stuff – not the European kind with often more wiry dudes and dudettes in shorts (for my global readers, please note that “dudette” is not really a word).  And it seems these #Alabama dudes and dudettes were engaged in some sort of championship game, and 26.4 MILLION people watched it on TV.  Which is a LOT more than the 50 slots available for the energy workshop.  And a good portion of those 26.4 million were tweeting with the #Alabama hashtag. With a lot of energy. But not about energy.

When my colleagues learned of my misunderstanding, they laughed – and then challenged me to write a football blog.  This is in part because we had  been discussing blogging in general, and I had waxed poetic about how important is to write about things you love – in my case, things like owls, and U2, and pumpkins.  NOT football.  I know NOTHING about football.  Well, I know there are uniforms with shoulder pads and helmets, and goalposts, and cheerleaders, and often a marching band.  And I know there are statistics about the games.  So they laughed again, and told me to work with that.  So here goes:

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Photo by Nightthree