Consumers Go From Boycott to Buycott

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Consumers Go From Boycott to Buycott

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Monday, May 20, 2013 - 10:15am

In today's continuously connected world, companies might find it difficult to keep their CSR "dirty laundry" secret for very long. Technology is making it even easier to find out what's really behind the products we buy and with 78 percent of Americans willing to stop buying products with misleading environmental claims, the stakes for companies to not only behave responsibly, but communicate transparently, have never been higher.

The newest development in a slew of transparency-related apps is Buycott, an app that empowers consumers to purchase brands that share their personal values. The app's website explains, "With Buycott, a campaign can be quickly created around a cause, with the goal of targeting companies with a boycott unless they change their position, or buycotting a company to show your support."

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