Corporate Practices, Customers, Products: Fostering the Sustainability of Each

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Corporate Practices, Customers, Products: Fostering the Sustainability of Each

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Talking to Pamela J. Gordon, author and thought-leader, about SAP's "three-legged stool of sustainability", Chief Sustainability Officer Peter Graf said: "Sustainability cannot just create a good business case; sustainability needs to create a better business case. For sustainability to matter, it needs to be at the core of how the company creates value. For retailer companies, that's the supply chain. For oil and gas, refineries need to be more efficient. For software companies, research and development is key. Help your leadership team understand that a holistic sustainability strategy will help your business reduce risk, increase revenue, reduce costs, and improve the brand."

Tuesday, July 30, 2013 - 2:05pm

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by Pamela J. Gordon, Technology Forecasters Inc. 

In 2009 I visited SAP’s Walldorf-Germany headquarters and learned about the company’s 3-legged stool of sustainability:  SAP’s own corporate operations (programs ranging from rooftop rainwater collection to halving employee travel), customers’ operations (enabling them to track and reduce negative impacts), and product design (efficient coding that reduces data center emissions). Since then, I’ve shared this broad-based profitable sustainability strategy with other TFI clients to inspire their Lean and Green approaches. But it was time for an update. So, I asked CSO Peter Graf if that “3-legged stool” still stands. It does.

First leg of stool: In-house environmental and monetary savings SAP has been on a long journey to show the connections between positive environmental and financial impact. I remember participating in SAP’s 2009 Sustainability Report’s interactivity features, designed to engage stakeholders in meaningful sustainability discussion and analysis. The 2010 report received an “A+” GRI rating by adding sustainability indicators and metrics (Renewable Energy, Business Health and Culture Index, and Employee Satisfaction). “This year,” says Graf, “SAP reached out to the financial community by combining its Annual Report and Sustainability Report in single document— highlighting the connections between non-financial performance like Employee Retention with financial performance. This details the business case of the financial benefits of sustainability.”

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