This Earth Day, Do It “For Cod and Country”

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This Earth Day, Do It “For Cod and Country”

By Barton Seaver
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This #EarthDay, #Sodexo guest blogger Barton Seaver says "Do It For Cod and Country"

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Barton Seaver

Friday, April 19, 2013 - 1:05pm

CAMPAIGN: Sustainability & CSR


I am thrilled and honored that Sodexo chose recipes from my first cookbook,For Cod and Country, to help them celebrate sustainable seafood and Earth Day. When we talk about sustainable seafood, we are not just talking about sustaining the seas, but also about sustaining the communities that provide food for our tables. I have had the good fortune to work with many chefs across the Sodexo universe who understand this nuance and it’s an honor to be able to collaborate with such creative and talented teams.

Sustainable seafood is a multifaceted issue, but at its core it represents a conversation about how we interact with our oceans and ecosystems. Our fisheries are one of the primary causes of much of the damage imposed on our oceans by humans. With the plethora of seafood information available in the media and from non-profit organizations, it can be difficult to keep the data straight.  All of the confusion around seafood choices is enough to make some choose to opt not to serve it at all rather than make a wrong decision.

Instead of fearing an unwise selection, we should focus on the opportunity we have to use our dollars as our voices and support fisheries that are creating positive change. We should remember, at the end of the day that the products we choose to use have more impact in restoring an appropriate relationship with our oceans than do the products we avoid. There are many resources available to consumers and food service providers to help guide these choices. The National Geographic Seafood Decision Guide and the Marine Stewardship Council guidelines are great examples.

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