Eco-Friendly Home Improvements, Con’t.

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Eco-Friendly Home Improvements, Con’t.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013 - 5:20pm

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Recently, we covered some of our top tips for green home improvements and remodeling, such as switching to energy efficient heating/cooling systems and ensuring that your home is properly insulated. An eco-friendly home is the first step towards carbon neutrality!

Below, we’ve got a few more suggestions for your green, dream home:


Before tossing your old furnishings in the trash, see if there is a way to re-use or refurbish them. It’s amazing what an electric sander, fabric coverings and a trip to your local craft store can do for that old stool, dresser or nightstand!

If you’re purchasing new furniture, consider sustainable materials such as bamboo, paper-based materials or lumber from sustainable forests.

For flooring, carpet (from recycled plastic), certain types of wool, or even cork can be surprisingly chic.


Planting trees or shrubbery close to your home helps to insulate your house and they also work to shade in the summertime.

Speak with your landscaper to find drought-resistant plants that are low maintenance and require the least amount of watering. Consider utilizing rubber mulch, compost for fertilizer, or even installing synthetic grass (never water the lawn again!).

Solar Power:

Recent technological advances make it possible to power your home furnace and water heater with solar power. Though these upgrades are pricey, it’s often possible to make installment payments over time. Before investing in solar panels, be sure to do considerable research to determine which panels best meet your needs.

Have any of your recent home improvements helped reduce your carbon footprint? Tell us about your green dream home in the comments, below!

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