Fighting Power Gridlock: PG&E’s Ezra Garrett

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Fighting Power Gridlock: PG&E’s Ezra Garrett

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Ezra Garrett

Wednesday, May 8, 2013 - 8:40am

CAMPAIGN: Sea Change Radio Sustainability Innovators

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How do we advance sustainable practices in a world driven by the profit motive? Public policy that mandates the use of renewables by private companies is one way. Not surprisingly, though, this sort of approach is often blockaded by those private interests.

This week on Sea Change Radio, host Alex Wise talks with Ezra Garrett, the Chief Sustainability Officer from Pacific Gas and Electric, or PG&E, a private company that appears to be getting out of the way of sustainability advocates. 

This is no small matter, given that PG&E has a veritable monopoly in California, the nation’s most populous state. We hear from Mr. Garrett about PG&E’s track record on sustainability, what they are doing to get to the mandated threshold of 33% renewables within the next seven years, and whether they feel more comfortable backing policy or backing off from politics altogether.

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