FinCapDev Competition Adds Socially Responsible Touch to Finance

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FinCapDev Competition Adds Socially Responsible Touch to Finance

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FinCapDev issues call for app design that encourages positive financial choices and behaviors @Justmeans #inno
Wednesday, October 17, 2012 - 9:00am



A new initiative aims at making it easier to develop mobile technologies to increase consumer access to high quality, fairly-priced financial products and services. The challenge is called FinCapDev and is a collaboration between D2D Fund and the Center for Financial Services Innovation (CFSI).

FinCapDev is an open, nationwide call for app design proposals to "encourage positive financial choices and behaviors that align with financial goals". In addition to bringing apps to market for consumer use, the competition will create a hub of American innovators, technology companies, software developers, financial service firms, investors, and nonprofits working to foster innovation in new mobile tools.

FinCapDev complements the U.S. Department of Treasury's MyMoneyAppUp Challenge, which are also administered by the D2D Fund and CFSI. It provides the space in which MyMoneyAppUp competitors and those who did not participate in MyMoneyAppUp can take their personal finance app ideas from concept to a fully marketable, working app.

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