GM Recognized for Driving a Global Movement for Zero Waste

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GM Recognized for Driving a Global Movement for Zero Waste

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014 - 10:45am

CAMPAIGN: GM Waste Reduction


GM received the Top Project of the Year Award in theEnvironmental Leader Product and Project Awards for driving a global movement for zero waste. The annual competition, presided over by a panel of independent judges, seeks corporate projects that improve environmental management and increase the bottom line.

We recycle more waste than any other automaker and have an industry-leading 110 landfill-free facilities around the world. We combine that expertise with influential academia and industry partnerships to standardize the approach and definition of zero waste. We also provide all companies with a blueprint for how to seize the related environmental, economic, and social opportunities.

Whether it’s mentoring other companies, boosting recycling infrastructures, or growing green businesses, this networking and sharing helps build resources and strengthen companies.

Key to driving the global movement is thinking of waste as a resource out of place and turning waste streams into revenue streams. For example, we generate an estimated $1 billion in reuse and recycling revenue annually from our byproducts. And, by recycling this material, we eliminated 11 million metric tons of CO2-equivalent emissions in 2012.

Part of the momentum is in helping people reimagine waste. From turning our own plant byproducts into new car parts to helping vehicle scrap insulate coats for the homeless, we talk to companies about considering not what an item is now, but what it can be.  With a little ingenuity, a shipping crate can be a raised urban garden bed. A Chevrolet Volt battery case can be a new home for wildlife. We encourage others to channel their creativity to help leave a smaller footprint.

Our environmental engineers provide tours of their facilities and processes to offer ideas about how others can cut landfill deposits. Employees engage the community through neighborhood clean-ups and household recycling programs. And, we work with the Society of Automotive Engineers to develop waste reduction guidelines to help equip other automakers and suppliers with knowledge to tackle waste challenges.

Responsible material management is an important part of our approach to environmental stewardship and business strategy. Waste reduction often enhances productivity, quality and efficiency. It is a key pillar of our environmental efforts and manufacturing business goals.  All of our facilities combined, including sites that aren’t yet landfill-free, recycle 90 percent of their manufacturing waste. We’ve committed to increase landfill-free facilities to 125 sites by 2020.

Paul Nastu, publisher of Environmental Leader, said the entries are a reflection of the innovation taking place in industry today.

“There was tough competition for those that entered, and the products that were awarded Top Product or Project of the Year are those that the judges say have viable attributes that set them apart from others in the field,” he said.

We’re proud to be among this year’s Product & Project Award winners who are going above and beyond to drive a greener economy.

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CAMPAIGN: GM Waste Reduction