The Global Citizen Festival 2013

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The Global Citizen Festival 2013

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013 - 1:00pm

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Thursday, 15 August 2013

The Global Poverty Project announced that the 2013 Global Citizen Festival – a free ticketed concert on the Great Lawn of New York's iconic Central Park – will take place on September 28, 2013 with Stevie Wonder, Kings of Leon, Alicia Keys, and John Mayer.

What is the Global Poverty Project and the Global Citizen Festival about? 
The Global Poverty Project is an international education and advocacy organization working to catalyze the movement to end extreme poverty. The project creates campaigns with the purpose of increasing the number and effectiveness of people taking action. 

The Global Citizen Festival is timed to put pressure on world leaders as they gather at the United Nations General Assembly in New York. This year, the Global Citizen Festival will celebrate the achievements made toward ending extreme poverty, and provide world leaders with a clear and compelling mandate to accelerate progress on the issues of education, women’s equality, global health, and global partnerships to help end extreme poverty by 2030. 

How is HP LIFE involved? 
HP is proud to be a technology partner to the Global Poverty Project and the Global Citizenship Festival. We believe that by uniting the power of people and technology we can help solve the world’s toughest social and environmental challenges. 

People living in extreme poverty don’t lack ambition or ideas. But they often lack access to skills and opportunity to turn ideas into a better life. With HP LIFE e-Learning for Entrepreneurs anyone, anywhere can learn the essential business and IT skills needed to start their own business, create jobs, and help build a more prosperous society. 

By partnering with the Global Citizen community, HP wants to extend its impact to help people across the world gain the skills to build a better life. 

How can I join the movement? 
You can join the movement by being a Global Citizen, taking action on issues affecting the world’s poor and collecting points to win free tickets to the festival. 

How does it work? 

Step 1: Be a Global Citizen 
Join the movement and sign up at 

Step 2: Take action to earn points 
Take action on issues affecting the world’s poor and collect points to win tickets (e.g. by registering for HP LIFE training or completing HP LIFE courses). 

Step 3: Choose your event 
Decide on the Global Citizen Festival in New York, or find a show near you from one of your favorite artists at 

Step 4: Enter the draw 
Use your points to enter the prize draw for the show that you want to see 

Step 5: Win two tickets 
Winners will be contacted about one month out, and once you confirm, you and a friend are off to see the show. (Note: Includes two event tickets only. Travel and other expenses are the responsibility of the winner.) 

Engage on HP LIFE e-Learning and earn points 
With HP LIFE e-Learning you are able to take action and earn points. 
Register for HP LIFE training, earn 3 points. Completing an HP LIFE course will give you 5 points. Learning about entrepreneurs who have built a thriving business with the help of HP LIFE and sharing their story will give you 2 points. In fact, registering and completing one HP LIFE course earns enough points to enter the draw for Global Citizen Festival tickets. 

Together, we’re writing the greatest story yet to be told: the end of extreme poverty. 
Take action and be part of the movement. 

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