Going From ‘Just Okay’ to Exceptional

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Going From ‘Just Okay’ to Exceptional

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Thursday, March 21, 2013 - 10:30am

Last week, Bryan de Lottinville, President and Chief Executive Officer of Benevity, wrote a blog post based on America's Charities latest research, Snapshot.  Naturally, we were flattered that he wrote about our research, but that's not why we're sharing this.  Below is a small excerpt from his blog.  If you click here to read the full blog post, he goes on to add his own perspective about the five top emerging strategies and trends we highlighted in Snapshot.  And well, we think you should read what he has to say...

"The ‘Snapshot’ research report released this month by our friends at America’s Charities confirms much of what we hear everyday, and if you haven’t yet had a look at it, you should.

Why? The main message is clear – corporate giving programs are undergoing a huge transformation. Even though things may seem okay on the surface, the data show that participation (as opposed to dollars raised) is down across the board. While this may not be disconcerting if you’re a charitable recipient of funds (although it should be, too), it is definitely of concern if you are the steward of a corporate giving program that is trying to create business and social impact through the breadth and scope of your engagement with your people (put another way, is a program that is ‘just okay’ good enough to make you a hero and attract more budget to what you’re trying to do?)."

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