HP Innovations Designed with Environment in Mind

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HP Innovations Designed with Environment in Mind

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Starting with #socialinnovation building blocks http://bit.ly/M99EXZ @HP designs with #sustainability, environment at the forefront


HP innovations help address critical environmental and social challenges. We design with the environment in mind, and apply and scale technology to transform and improve how people live and work. This gallery is just a sampling.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012 - 10:00am

CAMPAIGN: HP's 2011 Global Citizenship Report

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HP products, services, and solutions enable people to do more while reducing resource consumption and waste. Shop the EcoSolutions Store.

HP 3PAR Storage
HP 3PAR Storage is agile, scalable, and efficient, helping reduce energy use and overhead while meeting the evolving needs of virtual and cloud data centers. Learn more.

HP Advantage Monitors
HP Advantage Monitors feature design improvements that provide comfortable use while helping businesses cut costs and energy consumption. Learn more.

HP Auto-On/Auto-Off and Instant-on Technology
HP Auto-On/Auto-Off Technology helps users save energy and money by automatically turning the printer on when they need it and off when they don't. HP Instant-on Technology helps save additional time and energy. Learn more.

HP Carbon Emissions Management Service
HP Carbon Emissions Management Service helps enterprise businesses analyze and reduce their carbon emissions, while responding to regulations and reducing costs. Learn more.

HP Carbon Footprint Calculator
The free online HP Carbon Footprint Calculator can help determine estimated energy use, associated greenhouse gas emissions, and the cost of computing and printing. Learn more.

HP's Central Nervous System for the Earth (CeNSE) is revolutionizing how massive amounts of data are gathered, communicated, and analyzed to provide real-time awareness and enterprise intelligence. Learn more.

HP "closed loop" ink cartridge recycling
HP's innovative recycling process helps make the most of what exists. We incorporate recycled plastics into many of our new Original HP ink cartridges, while meeting our own rigorous performance standards. Learn more.

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CAMPAIGN: HP's 2011 Global Citizenship Report

CONTENT: Article