The Home Depot Foundation Supports Recovery Efforts After Hurricane Sandy

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The Home Depot Foundation Supports Recovery Efforts After Hurricane Sandy

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.@homedepotfdn donates $1 million to support recovery & reconstruction efforts from hurricane #sandy #csr @justmeans
Friday, November 23, 2012 - 12:00pm



The Home Depot Foundation has announced a donation of $1 million to support the relief, recovery and reconstruction efforts following the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy. A substantial part of the donation has been disbursed immediately to three key organizations involved in the rehabilitation efforts, including the Red Cross, Team Rubicon, and Operation Homefront.

The American Red Cross has received $250,000 towards immediate disaster relief supplies and activities. Red Cross has received 15,000 pairs of leather cowhide work gloves, 5,000 flat or transfer shovels, and 5,000 metal, garden, stone and bow rakes as a part of its requested items for cleanup operations in New York and New Jersey. The amount of $250,000 is over and above the Foundation's annual commitment of $0.5 million to the disaster giving program of the Red Cross.

Team Rubicon has received $100,000 to deployed special teams of U.S. military veterans with unique skills to support the affected communities in the Northeast. Operation Homefront has received $150,000 towards its Emergency Relief Fund that provides food, clothing and temporary shelter to service members and their dependents in the affected regions.

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