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Thursday, August 15, 2013 - 9:45am

CAMPAIGN: Honey Bee Health


Four recent articles on honey bee health cover a range of subjects – the science behind current research efforts, background on what has been happening with bee health, and what people learned at Monsanto’s Honey Bee Health Summit in June 2013.

Susan Young at MIT Technology Review wrote about Monsanto’s research efforts involving RNA interference to tackle the bee health problem cited by beekeepers everywhere – the Varroa mite. “A new weapon in that fight (the battle against Colony Collapse Disorder) could be RNA molecules that kill a troublesome parasite by disrupting the way its genes are expressed,” she writes. Today, the only option for controlling Varroa is to spray the hives with a pesticide. See Monsanto’s Plan to Help the Honeybee.

An article at Fast Company’s Change Environment takes a look at an unexpected source of help for honey bee health: What Really Happened at Monsanto’s Bee Conference.

Science writer Bryan Walsh just published a story in Time about the plight of the honey bee. For Time’s science blog, we wrote about the story and what’s learned. See The Trouble with Beekeeping in the Anthropocene. If you’re a Time subscriber, you can read his story The Plight of the Honeybee.

Randy Oliver, one of the attendees at Monsanto’s Bee Summit in June wrote an article about the event for American Bee Journal, which takes a candid look at what his expectations were and what he learned. The ABJ gave us permission to post the article at Beeologics.com. Randy blogs at Scientific Beekeeping.



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