IDH Electronics Program Expands

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IDH Electronics Program Expands

IDH Electronics program reaches 5 brands and 30 participating suppliers in China
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IDH electronics program expands to drive improvements in #sustainable trade globally #ELEVATE
Tuesday, April 30, 2013 - 8:00am

CAMPAIGN: IDH Electronics Program

CONTENT: Press Release

April 30, 2013 /3BL Media/ - The IDH program for electronics was launched in 2012, and is part of a broad ranging initiative supported by the Dutch government and private sector partners to drive improvements in sustainable trade globally (Link). The scope of the sustainable trade initiative currently covers 18 sectors, ranging from tropical timber to tourism. The program for responsible electronics manufacturing in China is focused on engaging with Global brands and their suppliers to drive improvement in the lives of the workers, and address manufacturing sustainability through business performance. Currently the program includes 5 global electronics brand leaders (Dell, HP, Philips, Apple and Nokia) working with 2 civil society organizations (NGO’s) and 30+ factories. The broad objectives are to improve working conditions and sustainable manufacturing across 100 factories with 500,000 workers by 2014.

The program is based on the principle that factory business performance and sustainability can improve with better worker-management dialogue. The program focuses on developing dialogue between brands, their suppliers and CSO’s to review the broader issues of sustainability in the electronics manufacturing industry. Working alongside the implementation partners in China, ELEVATE (formerly INFACT Global Partners) and the Economics Rights Institute, the IDH organization facilitates the development and implementation of detailed improvement programs for participating brands and their supply chain partners.  

The IDH Electronics program includes 4 steps

1. A detailed review of business and social performance profile, referred to as the Entry Point Assessment (EPA).

2. The development of a detailed work plan.

3. Implementation program interventions and improvements in the work-plan.

4. Detailed measurement and monitoring with progress reporting through monthly KPI’s.

The program lasts around 2 years for each supply chain partner, with 50% of the costs covered by IDH, funded by the Dutch government, and the other 50% split between the brand and the supply chain partner.

IDH recently organized the 2013 annual review with brands, current suppliers and new candidates in Shenzhen, PRC, sharing the latest updates and progress. The program has now reached 30 factories, participating from a broad range of electronics supply chain and manufacturing sectors. In 2013 it will impact the lives of 200,000 workers and run training programs with 500 managers and 5,000 workers. Improved worker – management dialogue forums have been implemented in a majority of the factories, and as a result, ELEVATE partners is leading improvement projects being rolled out in areas such as living conditions, salary structures, worker retention programs and energy efficiency programs

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About IDH

The Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH) is a non-profit organization the brings together front-running companies, civil society organizations and governments in public private partnerships. These partnerships are designed to transform markets towards more environmentally and socially sustainable production, trade, and consumption. Founded in 2008 with a match-funding grant from the Dutch government, IDH operates globally in 18 commodity sectors ranging from coffee to aquaculture. Together with partners, IDH develops, implements, co-funds and monitors innovative business models and then works toward up scaling and mainstreaming the models to make sustainability the norm.


ELEVATE is a global professional services firm that specializes in supply chain social, environmental and business performance. A recognized industry thought leader, ELEVATE believes that sustained, impactful improvement in social and environmental performance requires sincerity of intent and a responsible balance between maximizing financial return and meeting supplier responsibility requirements.  This “Business Driven Sustainability” is the foundation for ELEVATE’s mission to help brands and retailers design and implement customized programs that provide complete insight into risk and improve supply chain performance.


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CAMPAIGN: IDH Electronics Program

CONTENT: Press Release