IKEA’s Sustainable Operations and Products - CSR Minute for June 19, 2013

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IKEA’s Sustainable Operations and Products - CSR Minute for June 19, 2013

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Friday, July 19, 2013 - 10:30am


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Obviously, we need to make sure our operations are completely sustainable and move at speed, so as a business, we’ve decided to go 100% for renewable energy, not just buying it off the grid but we’re buying wind farms and we’ve installed 342,000 solar panels. It’s a big decision for a business. We’ve committed over $2 billion to this by 2015, and then we’ll come back and do some more.  We get 70% renewable by 2015, 100% by 2020 for the factories we own and operate, for our distribution centers and for all of our stores. That’s a massive impact on our carbon emissions. We need to be prepared to take some big decisions to completely transform some of our impacts because there’s urgency.  The business case is strong, but from a values point of view we have to do this. I’ve joked about this: we started off with sustainable products in society and we led with things like the CFL, the compact fluorescent light, and recycled paper, toilet paper, so you’re reminded of sustainability being not quite as good every time you went to the bathroom or every time you switch the light on. Sometimes you use both together so that wasn’t a great start in just telling sustainability to people. I think the future is about smart home technology, it’s about cool, it’s the light bulbs that you can switch off from your smart phone, it’s knowing that you can redesign lights and you could have the next best thing to daylight.  That you can be a consumer and you can produce your own energy, we can democratize the way power is produced.  The future is better if we get this right.  What we’re going to sell people is cool and better, it’s not about worthy and sacrifice.

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