// Interface – Threading Sustainability to the Core

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// Interface – Threading Sustainability to the Core

Sustainability is woven into the very essence of InterfaceFLOR
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Thursday, October 4, 2012 - 11:15am

CAMPAIGN: CCSR Conference 2012 - Canada Perspective

CONTENT: Article

Claude Ouimet, Senior VP GM for Canada Latin America at InterfaceFLOR and a keynote speaker at this year’s Corporate and Community Social Responsibility CCSR Conference on November 6th, 2012, believes that all of us – individuals and companies – have the power and courage to change, to be the change and to do something to help address the global environmental crisis.

Interface uses a slogan on its website: “Design inspirations and insights are just one LIKE away!” To Ouimet, consumer demand for environmentally friendly design and products drives innovative production within companies. And it all starts with a commitment to sustainability by consumer and company alike.

Ouimet will talk about this relationship in his conference presentation next month, using Interface as an example of a company in which sustainability has a place of higher purpose in business.

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