It's Exponential: Introducing Impact X

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It's Exponential: Introducing Impact X

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People x technology x social impact... It's Exponential Introducing #ImpactX from @CiscoCSR & @HuffPostImpact
Thursday, September 27, 2012 - 9:00am

By Arianna Huffington

Global movements take off when people see that they can become the change they wish to see in the world. That is why The Huffington Post launched the first of our Impact sections in 2008, to highlight the stories of those working to make a difference in the world and give them a platform to spread the word about their ideas for change. Earlier this year, we launched Impact's Global Motherhood section, sponsored by Johnson & Johnson, devoted to covering all issues of importance to mothers, families and babies around the world. And this summer we launched Opportunity: What Is Working, a section dedicated to showcasing ideas from all sectors -- nonprofits, foundations, small businesses, technology -- that are helping to put people back to work.

And today I'm delighted to announce the launch of Impact X, our newest section in the HuffPost Impact family, which will highlight the change-making power when humanity and technology come together. When they come together in a focused way, we see their impact multiplied -- hence the X. Impact X is about people using technology of all kinds to solve problems both in their neighborhoods and across the world. It's also a platform for innovators, thinkers, activists and anyone who wants to use technology to improve the world. And like all our Impact sections, it's a place to discover worthy causes, read truly inspiring stories and find ways to take action.

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