Launch of Development of Standard for Sustainability Master Plans

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Launch of Development of Standard for Sustainability Master Plans

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Leonardo Academy Launches Development of Standard for Sustainability Master Plans
Wednesday, April 10, 2013 - 2:45pm

MADISON, Wis., April 10, 2013 /3BL Media/ – Leonardo Academy announced the launch of the development of a standard for sustainability master plans using the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) process to define sustainability goals and achievements for regions, states and campuses. The development of this standard was announced in ANSI Standards Action on March 22, 2013. Those interested in learning more or in participating in this process can visit the Leonardo Academy web site at:

The Need
The affects of Hurricane Sandy along the eastern seaboard highlight the need for developing sustainability master plans that can guide and measure sustainability achievements for restoration and for the long term. In other areas where disasters have not occurred, sustainability master plans are also needed to define sustainability goals, steps for getting there and metrics for measuring progress. Since the need is most urgent in the eastern coastal states, the first sustainability master plans will be developed for New Jersey and other states affected by Hurricane Sandy. The master plan development process will then expand to other states.

Sustainability master planning brings together land use planning, sustainability for the built environment, waste management, energy efficiency, energy supply, renewable energy, transportation, water management, resource management, recreation and preservation. It takes the vision of a sustainable future for an area and makes it concrete by defining sustainability goals, implementation steps and metrics for measuring progress.

The Strategy
The standard for sustainability master planning will be developed in tandem with the sustainability master plan for New Jersey and other states affected by Hurricane Sandy. The interplay between the development of the standard and the state-specific plans will inform and energize both processes. Eric Hansel, President of EGM Green, and Michael Arny, President of Leonardo Academy, are partnering to launch this process and to drive it to timely completion.

The Standard and State Plans Being Developed
This standard will address how to develop a sustainability master plan for an area. It will be scalable so that it can be applied to wide range of areas, such as multi-state regions or states, as well as smaller areas like corporate, government and university campuses. It will address all three aspects of sustainability – environmental, social and economic for the region/area – and define the current and target levels of sustainability, the steps and time tables required to reach the targets, and performance metrics.

The Benefits of a Sustainability Master Plan Standard for the Public and Businesses
Sustainability standards provide a framework that defines sustainability objectives, paths for reaching them and parameters for measuring achievements. Sustainability standards also provide recognition that helps to create incentives and a language of commerce around achieving sustainability goals. The public benefits from sustainability standards by living in a healthier environment and businesses benefit from the clearly-defined framework that gives them a new opportunity to compete and be recognized for their progress on sustainability implementation. An example of this is the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership for Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) standard rating system for buildings, which has transformed the building industry into being more sustainable.

Funding and Sponsorship Opportunities
Fundraising for this standard development process has begun. If your organization or company would like to provide a grant or be a sponsor, please contact Leonardo Academy.

For More Information
Visit the Leonardo Academy web site at To be added to an email list to receive updates on this standard, send your request to

About Leonardo Academy
Mission Statement

Leonardo Academy is a charitable 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing sustainability by leveraging innovative tools and information to motivate the competitive market. By utilizing an interdisciplinary approach to sustainability strategies, education and implementation, we strive to make sustainability practical for everyone.

We develop integrative sustainability solutions designed to enhance the environmental stewardship, social responsibility and economic prosperity of organizations, corporations and individuals. We see a world filled with sustainable opportunities that can transform the way we live today and ensure the prosperity of future generations.

Programs and Services
Leonardo Academy works on a broad range of sustainability issues and provides comprehensive sustainability programs and services to help companies, organizations, families and individuals implement sustainability. Our programs and services include: organizational sustainability assessments and implementation; emissions footprints, reduction strategies and offsets; event emissions footprints, sustainability assessments and implementation; sustainable event certification through our Cleaner and Greener® Program; LEED® assessments, implementation and certification application preparation; sustainable land management; sustainability training; and sustainability standards development.

Join Our Work
Individuals, organizations and companies are invited to join in Leonardo Academy’s work on advancing sustainability. One important way to join in our work is by making a charitable donation to support these efforts. Online donations can be made at:


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