Lightning in a Bottle Festival Connects Youth & Sustainability

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Lightning in a Bottle Festival Connects Youth & Sustainability

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Friday, June 14, 2013 - 2:40pm

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It is undeniable. Our current eco-systems are in great peril: Citizens of the earth need to embrace the movement of Sustainability. Being Green, is not only restricted to countries and governments or determined by continents, but must be powered by the people of the world.

A hidden gem by the name of Lightning in a Bottle (LIB) is doing its part through the power of its sustainability practices, magnetic music, live acrobatic performance, art, camping, yoga, and many more dynamic happenings. The music festival takes place July 11-15 at Lake Skinner, Temecula. It attracts a fusion of attendees that intertwine with recognized music festivals such as Coachella, Burning Man, and Symbiosis

LIB, is eco-friendly and is a recognized leader in the Green Festival Movement. It demonstrates advanced sustainability practices. Its pioneering ways go well beyond a simple “reuse, recycle” mentality and includes the use of renewable energy. Reusable water containers can be purchased, and, filtered free water is provided, in accordance with LIB’s “Free Water Initiative”. The use of plastic bottles is prohibited at the festival.

The vibe at Lightning in a Bottle is serene; undisturbed by the hectic trappings of city and suburbia. Tucked away in a valley, hidden by the rolling hills of Wine Country, the event is cloaked in wilderness, offering an ideal camping location. The festival offers a perfect opportunity to teach children about sustainability and educate them on the preservation of our resources in the world in which they live.  In order to preserve these resources for future generations, it is imperative that they learn this lesson at a young age. This festival is an idyllic setting for such lessons.

Lightening in a Bottle explained, falls very short of Lightning in a Bottle experienced. This summer, treat and educate your family with a breathtaking journey into a new sphere of consciousness.


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Jahara Singh

Sustainability Journalist

Source Intelligence 

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