Matt Wasson: A Mountain Hugger on the Myth of "Clean Coal"

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Matt Wasson: A Mountain Hugger on the Myth of "Clean Coal"

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This wk on @SeaChangeRadio - "Matt Wasson: A Mountain Hugger on the Myth of 'Clean #Coal'" #pollution

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Matt Wasson

Tuesday, October 16, 2012 - 5:30pm

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Do you cringe when you hear the term “clean coal?” Our guest this week on Sea Change Radio feels that this term is not only an oxymoron it’s offensive to the many communities all over the world who are forced to live with the devastating environmental and health impacts of this multi-billion dollar industry. Politicians, by contrast, seem to like the term, “clean coal” quite a bit. As someone who is in favor of renewable energy, when you watch progressive and conservative candidates arguing about who is a better ally to the coal industry do you sometimes think, “what would it sound like if someone took on coal in one of these debates?” Well, today Matt Wasson, an ecologist and the director of programs for Appalachian Voices, answers this question. Listen now as he talks to host Alex Wise to confront conventional wisdom, refute the politicians, and tell it like it is.

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