MomsRising and’s Joan Blades - Video Interview

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MomsRising and’s Joan Blades - Video Interview

Changing the Culture of Work
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.@JoanBlades on how @MomsRising is making employment compatible with life outside the workplace: @VideoforGood

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012 - 1:55pm

CAMPAIGN: Video4Good COMMIT!Forum 2012 Interviews

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Video4Good met with Joan Blades of MomsRising and at Commit!Forum 2012.  Blades discusses how her organization, MomsRising, is working to change work culture to make employment more compatible with workers' lives outside of the workplace.

Blades says jobs need to fit the reality of the modern workforce and called on companies to treat people with respect and value worker responsibilities both within and outside the workplace.  This is corporate responsibility, and a good business practice that leads to a more productive workforce.


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