Navigating GM’s Electrification Options: Which Vehicle Best Suits Your Commute?

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Navigating GM’s Electrification Options: Which Vehicle Best Suits Your Commute?

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.@GM guides you through their #electrification options to find the perfect vehicle!

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Friday, August 16, 2013 - 11:15am

CAMPAIGN: GM Greener Vehicles


Here at General Motors, our road to electrification offers many different paths, and each can be taken in a fun-to-drive car that uses less petroleum.

Recognizing the different needs of customers in their daily commutes, access to recharging stations and passenger and cargo space, to name a few, we are developing a portfolio of vehicles that is as diverse as our customers. And they’re all designed and engineered with a simple focus: cutting down the use of petroleum.

From the eAssist technology found in the Buick LacrosseBuick RegalChevrolet Malibuand 2014 Chevy Impala; the extended-range electric vehicle capabilities of theChevrolet  Volt and soon-to-come 2014 Cadillac ELR; to the pure electric Chevrolet Spark EV, customers can choose from a vast portfolio to best suit their commute .

The source of fuel in an eAssist vehicle is petroleum, but the addition of a small electric motor gives the car an extra boost under heavy acceleration, resulting in a 25 percent fuel economy improvement over a vehicle with a traditional combustion engine. Additionally, eAssist technology turns the engine off when the car is idle to save fuel, and automatically restarts when the brake is released.

An extended-range electric vehicle features a big battery and a small engine. It runs solely on electricity from the battery for the first 40 miles. Once the battery is depleted, a small gas engine kicks in to provide unlimited range.  To recharge the battery, plug the car in to a standard 120 V or 240 V outlet.  You’ll be surprised how infrequently you use gas. In fact, on average, Volt owners are visiting the gas pump only about once every six weeks.

The Spark EV, Chevrolet’s pure electric vehicle, operates solely on electricity. The Spark EV range is about 82 miles and can be recharged a 120V or 240V outlet, and soon, aDC fast charge station.  The vehicle is now on sale in California and Oregon.

So there you have it.  Three electric options to save fuel, reduce the dependence on petroleum, reduce emissions and have a great driving experience.  It all depends upon your needs in terms of vehicle size and daily commute.


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