Not Your Father's Classroom: The Rise of Edtech

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Not Your Father's Classroom: The Rise of Edtech

By Betsy Corcoran, Co-founder and CEO of EdSurge
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“Not Your Father's Classroom” by Betsy Corcoran at @EdSurge via @HuffPostImpact #CiscoCSR
Tuesday, August 27, 2013 - 7:00am

At Leadership Public Schools in Oakland, Calif., teachers, students and technologists worked together to create software called ExitTicket for mobile devices that helps teachers and students gauge how well students are absorbing lessons. If the kids aren't getting it, teachers can stop a class and go over the material again -- before anyone goes home and struggles over the homework. Educators at Aspire Public Schools have recently spun out a startup company called Schoolzilla that creates a data management that pulls together assessment and operational data so teachers have a snapshot of what's going on. And at Summit Public Schools, educators have reached out to work with entrepreneurs to understand how to best employ technology to help their students.

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