Philanthropy Program Management- Getting from Vision to Impact

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Philanthropy Program Management- Getting from Vision to Impact

The 5 R's, Versaic's formula for success
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Go from vision to #impact! @Versaic's #philanthropy program management guide will get you there

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Versaic's 5 R's

Wednesday, February 19, 2014 - 8:20am
Here are a few questions for all those directors of CSR and community relations out there.  Are you inundated with requests for donations? Do requests get lost or misdirected? Have you kludged together a tracking system of emails and spreadsheets that is bursting at the seams?  Are the requests coming in via multiple channels in random formats? Are people knocking down your door wanting an answer to their requests? Are you at a loss to demonstrate the impact you are making within your community?  If the answer to these questions is yes, we've got something that can help.  
Streamlining your process and getting rid of all these headaches is easier than you think.  Versaic has an approach to effective philanthropy program management that we've dubbed the Five Rs. The Five Rs -- Receive, Route, Review, Respond and Report.  If you need to put a philanthropy program management system in place or you've outgrown your homegrown system, check out our new e-book The Five Rs of Great Philanthropy Program Management.  Our eBook is your guide to the building blocks of a successful program and will give you essential information to evaluate the effectiveness of your program.  
For the next five weeks, we're going to delve into the Five Rs, looking in-depth at one element each week.  So if you want to dive right in, download the eBook and get started.  Or tune in each week and we'll walk you through the steps.  Either way, we hope you'll find our Five Rs approach to be a useful tool in assessing the efficiency and impact of your philanthropy management program.
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