Promoting A Green Lifestyle — Ways You Can Make an Impact

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Promoting A Green Lifestyle — Ways You Can Make an Impact

Thursday, January 10, 2013 - 10:45am

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It’s officially 2013, and for most of us, the New Year comes with an outpouring of resolutions and good intentions.

If one of this year’s resolutions is reducing your carbon footprint, fantastic! You’re on the right track to making a positive impact on our environment, as well as reducing carbon emissions.

Your personal efforts to go green are a great start, but they are even more effective when combined with larger efforts to impact your community! There are a number of ways you can spread the word about an eco-friendly lifestyle and influence your family, friends, colleagues and local community members.

  1. Join a local organization, club, group or non-profit that promotes eco-friendly lifestyle choices, green activities and sustainability. Think: outdoors, nature, athletics, gardening, etc. Can’t find a group in your community? Take the initiative to create one!
  2. Donate to charities that promote green efforts and sustainability. Prior to donating, be sure to thoroughly research the charity or organization to ensure legitimacy.
  3. Promote eco-friendly and green events within your community. For example, if your neighborhood, community center or city is hosting events for Earth Day (April 22nd this year), contribute to the efforts!
  4. Purchase carbon offsets: Carbon offsetting involves purchasing “carbon credits” in order to counteract your negative impact on the environment. Learn more here.
  5. Spread the word about carbon offsetting: Explain to your family and friends how carbon offsets work and encourage them to research and/or purchase them.

Feeling invigorated? Want to make a difference? Sign up for our newsletter today at and Just Green will donate 500 lbs of carbon offsets on your behalf.  What a great, green way to kick off the New Year!

From all of us at Just Energy, here’s to health and happiness in 2013!

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